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Flowtrack Web

Our Cloud-based, Scalable WMS.

Configured for you.

A cost model tailored to your operations

Make sure you get the most out of your money with a monthly based per user or per tran-saction. 

A dedicated environment to meet your needs

Creation of a secured envi-ronment without any hardware upfront cost. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Quick to implement... And easy to use!

Optimize your operational efficiency with an easy-to-configure WMS based on your unique business requirements. 

Stop putting out fires... Start managing

Our user-friendly interface lets you be in control of your warehouse data. With the power of data, you will have access to real-time inbound and outbound orders and their progress. Need to pull out a resource from receiving and reassign it picking? Now you know. Take the opportunity to make data-driven management decisions to increase the efficiency of your floor. 

Never search for an item again, you'll find any item you search for in a few clicks. Forget about the surprise backorder, you'll be proactive in your inventory management instead of reactive.

Eliminate your paper-based operations

Did you recently audit your receiving operations to evaluate your receiving accuracy? Do you spend countless of hours searching for a particular item? Have you ever picked and shipped the wrong item to a customer? Eliminate mistakes caused by paper-based operations. 

Give your resources a mobile solution to track every product that entered your warehouse, every movement and progress made on orders. Our web solution gives you the possibility to run on any web-enabled devices. 

Make every transaction matter

Eliminate waste in your business process by giving your operators the tools to be efficient within your warehouse. By letting the system dictate the best put away location for your product, the replenishment requirements, the stocktaking opportunities and the best pick routes, you are guaranteed to make the most out of every action against your inventory. This is the secret of industry leaders to achieve accurate and efficient fulfillment and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Let your Warehouse Management System give the management your warehouse requires. With our fully configurable reports and dashboard, you are able to know at a glance how well your day-to-day operation is going at any given time. You will finally be in control of your decisions.

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