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Flowtrack i5

The FLOWTRACK i5 WMS software package is designed for businesses that want to dynamically and economicaly manage their flows and warehouses, regardless of product type, storage type, and number of stores . The FLOWTRACK i5 solution is a Canadian product offered at an extremely competitive price.

The need

FLOWTRACK i5 was designed and developed by Sistema Logistics, which ensures its evolution and maintenance. Sistema Logistics is an important consulting and logistics integration office in Canada and works through strategic alliances with IBM. Click here to learn more about IBM i strategy and roadmap.

The solution

The traditional warehouse management functions have been supplemented with advanced functions, in particular in the field of order preparation and decision support tools needed to manage resources (planning, load analysis, scheduling and distribution Labor, transport, etc.).

Beyond the functional performance, which is constantly enriched by the software package, the implementation of FLOWTRACK i5 is above all to enhsnce strategic logistics organization project.

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