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Streamline your fulfillment by maximizing your efficiency and inventory accuracy 

Our mission is to democratize access to
Warehouse Management Software

Flowtrack Web

Flowtrack Web

Our Cloud-based, Scalable WMS.

Configured for you.

Advanced Traceability

Never search for an item again, you'll find any item you search for in a few clicks.​

Inventory Visibility

Forget about surprise backorder, accurate data will help you be proactive in your inventory management.

Real-Time information

Know how your daily operations are going, anytime.

Be in control of your data

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Go Paperless

 Eliminate mistakes caused by paper-based operations.

Give your resources a mobile solution to track products you receive, every movement and progress made on orders. Our web solution gives you the possibility to run on any web-enabled device. 

Every action matters

By letting the system dictate the best put away location for your product, the replenishment requirements, the stocktaking opportunities and the best pick routes, you are guaranteed to make the most out of every action against your inventory. 

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Take the opportunity to make data-driven management decisions to increase the efficiency of your operations. 

With our fully configurable reports and dashboard, you are able to know at a glance how well your day-to-day operation is going at any given time. You will finally be in control of your decisions.

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All Videos

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Sistema Logistics uses its network of partners to guarantee a seamless implementation performed by experts in supply chain software solutions and operational logistics. We firmly believe that a good implementation originates from fully understanding your unique business processes and challenges.


A focus on a rigorous project methodology will help your team focus on the milestones and successfully implement the software in a timely manner : 

  • Analyze and optimize your business processes;

  • Train your team to use the solution as soon and efficiently as possible;

  • Coordinate the data integration with your business systems;

  • Elaboration of functional test scenarios;

  • Change management;

  • Go-live and post-implementation Support

Services Anchor

Sistema Logistics' team is made of dynamic professionals who are passionate about logistics. With the expertise of every partner, Sistema Logistics can offer a solution that is perfectly configured to your operational needs.

Sistema Logistics offers its customers a state-of-the-art WMS product. With a  track record of successful WMS implementations including both large (Kraft, Unilever, Nestlé, Nikon, Mattel and many more) as well as small accounts, the system has the flexibility to accommodate every industry. Our Warehouse Management Solution works to comply with your inventory, labor and space. 

Integrated with your supply chain and logistics systems, transportation software and business intelligence systems, FLOWTRACK i5 and FLOWTRACK Web can help you reach your operational excellence.



About Us


Flowtrack Web was initially designed to provide 3PL providers with a simple and powerful tool to manage all types of filers and provide a complete history of data transactions to be able to invoice their customers. Due to the robustness of the application, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution, Flowtrack Web, has been implemented in many industries other such as food, medical and retail.



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1001 Rue Lenoir, Suite A-412a

Montreal, QC H4C 2Z6

Tel: 514-733-3000

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